Three: The Voice aka Blake Shelton presents: The Voice

I’m a The Voice junkie. I love, love, love it. I especially love the original four: Christina, Adam, Cee-Lo, and Blake. Don’t get me wrong I loved Shakira and Usher too, however they just don’t have the same appeal to me as the original did.

Episode 1:

YAY! Coaches performing I love Rock and Roll together. Sorry, Shakira and Usher but you guys got nothin on Christina and Cee-Lo singing wise. I could listen to Christina sing anything to be honest. Such a pretty, powerful voice. Cee-Lo your tattooed head is quite distracting.

What I Liked: 

It’s pretty easy to see from the get go that they are all genuine friends. It’s nice to see Adam and Christina getting along and laughing as opposed to earlier seasons when they had the love/hate relationship. They also still have their slight sexual tension that I don’t think they’re even aware of to be frank. I also loved how they were ganging up on poor, winner Blake. I love Blake, but I really want to see someone else win. The contestants were pretty good. One guy I thought shouldn’t have been picked was the skinny guy with the weird voice. Yeah, I can’t even remember his name but Adam picked him. He told Adam that he could be very distracting because of his good looks. His voice just irked me.

Honorable Mention: Cee-Lo’s Michael Jackson jacket. (Stealing Michael’s look) Christina’s victory song over Adam. The older lady wrapping her legs around Adam when he gave her a hug. (I’d do it too!)

What I didn’t Like:

Sometimes I just want to fast forward through all of the sob stories. Does that make me a bad person?

Episode 2

What I Liked:

This episode had some pretty big voices. The last girl was excellent and it was no surprise to me that she would pick Adam. Usually, the really good singers do. I also knew that the 15 year old singer would pick Blake. It was the first artist that he actually tried to get. AND HOLY CRAP! Tommy Pickles! When I saw EG Daley on screen I literally shouted “TOMMY!”  Brings back my childhood.

What I Didn’t Like:

Commercials. All the KIA and Starbucks product placement. Good gosh, we get it.




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