five: the originals/ beauty and the beast

Yesterday, I watched the third episode of The Originals, the spin off of The Vampire Diaries. I’m pretty much invested in the show now to be honest. I found myself liking Hayley (and the pregnancy storyline), and I don’t mind Marcel. I thought I would be annoyed by Rebekah, but I find her one-liners pretty great. She’s more of a badass on this show than when she is on the Vampire diaries pining after Matt or Stefan. Klaus is still a dick and needs a ton of redemption. I don’t mind him and Cammie together, even though he’s pulling a season 1 Damon and brainwashing her to do his bidding. You can tell that he really does care about her, but he would rather have power and regain his “kingdom” from Marcel. The young witch whatever her name is, is pretty badass herself. It would have been interesting to see her and Bonnie meet. (Speaking of Bonnie–either let her die or bring her back to life. I am SO OVER her storyline. And she and Jeremy have no chemistry whatsoever)

Now onto my favorite: ELIJAH!!!!!!!!! He’s finally back and pristine as ever. Is it weird that I don’t mind him and Hayley? When Rebekah told her that Elijah’s main concern was her safety and then she smiled I couldn’t help but think it was the adorable thing ever. I would not mind this couple! I’m sure Klaus would mind (cause he’s asshole) and I wouldn’t blame him, but if he daggers Elijah again we are gonna have some problems.


Next Beauty and the Beast.

This show has really grown on me. I love that they ditched the procedural cop thing because lesbereal Kristin Kreuk is not a cop. I love her to pieces, but she is not a convincing cop. She does, however, have off the wall amazing chemistry with costar Jay Ryan. You gotta fan yourself after watching one of their heated scenes.  Speaking of Jay Ryan I love that they took off his scar (Yes for purely superficial reasons). He is a lot more attractive this season. I also love Tess’ haircut. It’s sweet that’s she’s so protective of Catherine. Also, is anyone else sensing a Gabe/Tess hookup in the future? I got some serious vibes off them. Oh, and lets not forgot the fact that Vincent can point out Catherine’s heartbeat! That’s just so sappy and adorable. Can they just get married in real life and have cute Australian/asian babies? Also, I’m pretty much in love with the song choices for the episode. A+ to whoever is picking out music. You got me.



These shows better not get cancelled. I’m eagerly anticipating what happens and I will be very very sad if they get canceled.


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