seven: Supernatural the Series Overview

So the past eight years I have been watching a sci-fi  series called Supernatural. Supernatural is essentially about two brothers, Dean and Sam, who fight demons, monsters, and ghosts across America. To be honest the only reason I watched it was because the two lead actors were hot. Yeah, I’m pretty superficial. Anyway, my friends and I in 10th grade would watch it and discuss it at lunch the next day. We became pretty obsessed. I was a Dean girl and my friends were a Sam girl. Over the years we continued to watch it as well as buy the DVDs.The show is in its 8th year and even though I still like it I wish it would end. It’s becoming Smallville all over again for me. Smallville lasted 10 years, but letsbereal it should have ended when he left high school. Anyway, for this blog post I’ve decided to give my overall thoughts about Supernatural because this is totally something I can write and write about. Here goes!

The Characters:

Dean Winchester portrayed by Jensen Ackles

Dean Winchester is the older, cocky, protective brother. He loves three things: Sam, pie, and his beloved Impala. He is beyond loyal and believes in family above all. (Elijahhhhh!) Seriously, Dean will put Sam in front of everyone. Don’t mess with Sam. Dean is also very funny and has a love for dramatic medical shows.

Sam Winchester portrayed by Jared Padalecki

Sam Winchester is the younger, sweet brother. Initially, he didn’t want to be a hunter but over the course of the series he realized that this is what he had to do. He is very intelligent (went to Stanford) and bad shit tends to happen to him. One of his weapons is his puppy dog face, which no one is immune too. He has made plenty of mistakes, but it was all in good intentions.

There is so much more to Dean and Sam Winchester and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. I’m lazy though, soo…this is all you’re gonna get at the moment.


The heart of the show (contrary to what Destiel Shippers believe {don’t even get me started} is Dean and Sam). They can be summed up in one sentence: Psychotically, irrationally, erotically co dependent on each other. Sam would die for Dean and Dean would die for Sam. (And they have multiple times!)  So don’t listen to anyone that may say that Dean or Sam care for other people or that Dean cares for Sam more or vice versa. They love each other equally!!

The show isn’t very scary, but it is funny and has a lot of heart. So go check it out on Netflix. Now.





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