eight: THOR

DC, you need to step up your game. I don’t think there is a DC movie I’ve liked more than a Marvel one. And if rumors are true and a certain someone is going to play my beloved Nightwing in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie we are gonna have some problems. I can tolerate Ben Affleck being Batman, but do not ruin Dick Grayson for me damnit.

Alright, so last night I saw Thorquel. It was awesome. It was hilarious, action packed, and had a freaking twist ending I did not see coming. I know Thor is the star of the movie, but Loki is certainly a scene stealer. I loved their interactions with each other. Especially when they were fighting and Thor was all “Mother wouldn’t want us to fighter” and Loki replied, “But she wouldn’t be surprised” and Thor had a tiny smile on his face. ADORBS! Aw brothers. The CGI was pretty excellent too. It was very pretty and realistic.

Oh yeah, Natalie Portman was in it too. That lady is gorgeous. How on earth did her hair stay so perfect considering all the crap that happened to her? FOR REAL! My hair would be greasy, huge, and unruly. Stellan Skaargard was great too. I totally just realized his name is Erik in the movie, and his son Alexander’s name is Eric on True Blood. hehe.

So basically, the plot of this movie is that some aliens tried to like destroy the world with the infinite stone. And then like Asgaards forces came and beat them and like hid the stone. Somehow Natalie Portman found it and it got in her body so Thor was all “hell noo” and took her to his kingdom etc and so forth. I think everyone should go watch it!! it was a lot better than the first movie. And its also funny how like 2 of thor’s friends got actor changed. Zachary Levi does a good accent tho!

I don’t see a sizzling chemistry with Thor and Jane. They are more of a “aw, you guys are cute.” kind of romance. Kat Dennings was pretty funny too as well as with her Intern. I pretty much saw that one coming.

The next movie I am waiting for with much anticipation is Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. SPOILER. BUCKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I am so ready for his badass return as well as his backstory with Black Widow. So So So stoked. I could care less about the Shield part, I want the Winter Soldier. 4.04.14.

The other movie I want now: Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug. I’ll admit, so far the hobbit hasn’t lived up to my expectations. It is really hard not to compare them to the epic, amazing, great Lord of the Rings trilogy. 12.13.14

Midnight premieres for these?  I think yes. Yes. YES.

Sorry the fangirl in me is taking over.




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