nine: Holiday in Handcuffs/My Fake Fiance

So instead of doing important homework and practicing my presentation I decided it was a good idea to catch up on my Netflix. Melissa Joan Hart used to be one of my idols, mainly because I used to be obsessed with Sabrina the Teenaged Witch. So I decided what the heck, let’s watch some AC Family movies that star Melissa. Frankly when the movies first came out I thought they were ehh, but after rewatching them I loved it! I didn’t realize Melissa and Mario Lopez had so much chemistry, especially when they were talking in the bathroom when he was shirtless. I suppose I got give a brief synopsis of each movie.

Holiday in Handcuffs
This was about a girl named Trudie who basically feels like she is disappointing her parents all the time. She wants to be an artists, though her parents believe that is a dead end job and she should get a real lawyer type job. Her brother is in a long term relationship and her sister in law school. The only good thing she has to bring to the annual Christmas in the cabin family get together is that she is bringing her new beau, Nick. Unfortunately, Nick is an asshole and breaks up with her two hours before she is supposed to go to the cabin. Trudie gets a mental breakdown and can not go to the family gathering alone, therefore she kidnaps Mario Lopez.

A bunch of bonding occurs and she Mario fall in love and he decides to leave his fiancé for her. Well, there’s a little more to that. He wasn’t happy in his life either and only doing things that were expected of him. She made him realize that blah blah and they get together in the end in true romantic comedy fashion. Also, Trudie realizes her family isn’t as perfect as they seem and they all accept each other.

The movie is pretty predictable as most romantic comedies tend to be. I enjoyed it though, and its always nice to see a shirtless Mario Lopez. (Whatever happened to him?) Plus, the way he looks at her toward the end is pretty swoon worthy…especially since Melissa Joan Hart looked kind of rough. Overall, I wouldn’t mind making it a Christmas tradition.

My Fake Fiance

I don’t remember his name is the movie, so I’m going to call him Joe. Joe is a huge gambler and in debt to a guy named The Monkey. Mel, I can’t recall her name either, is a cynical business woman who isn’t that close with her family. They are kind of set up at their friend’s wedding, though it backfires cause they dislike each other immediately. At the wedding they talk about how much people will give to the bride and groom and all the presents. (Apparently you have to have loaded friends). Next scene: Joe owes a lot of money and the mafia is coming to collect. Mel’s belongings were stolen and she is broke and in a new apartment that is yet to be furnished. BRIGHT IDEA! Pretend to be engaged so they can cash in on the money and presents. There’s a catch though, according to the bridal book if they don’t actually get married then they have to return everything .OH SNAP.

You can probably see what happens next. I thought the movie was cute! Melissa and Joey Lawrence have a cute chemistry. It isn’t sizzling, though it doesn’t have to be. You can tell they enjoy each other’s company. It’s probably why they decided to go into a sitcom together: Melissa and Joey. I liked The Monkey’s cliché lackeys. They were pretty funny even though they were  basically clichés (joke from the movie)

I wonder if Melissa will make anymore ABC family movies. I doubt it, considering she has a show on that station now. I remember when the movies came out they were the highest rated ABC Family original movies. It has to do with the star power of Melissa Joan Hart and her co-stars who are pretty well known from the 90s.

So if you’re bored (or procrastinating) go check out some B movies.


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