elevan: TiMer

While browsing through Netflix I found a movie called TiMer. It stars Emma Caulfield (Anya from Buffy and Desmond Harrington who was on Dexter) and I love her so I figured I would check it out. This movie is about Timers, which are implanted on your wrist. It gives the wearer a countdown to when they meet their soul mate. The thing is that their soul mate also has to have a Timer, if he or she doesn’t then it will have a blank screen like Emma has during majority of the movie. Emma has a sister who also has a timer, however hers is ticking down and she won’t meet her soul mate until she is in her forties. Her sister goes on a ton of one night stands because she likes the rush of having sex with someone with a timer before he meets his “one”. Emma is the opposite and doesn’t see the point in doing that. However, after seeing their younger brother meet the “one” at 14 Emma decides to pursue a relationship with a young man.

The movie is predictable, but what romantic comedy isn’t? I loved the concept that a timer can countdown to when you meet your soul mate. How awesome would that be if it was true? You would just have to believe in fate and destiny and all that. Personally, I don’t believe in fate and destiny. There’s too many bad things in the world for me to believe that people are meant to be together. However, that’s for another post! Anyway, I liked the relationship between the sisters. It seemed very genuine and that they really wanted what was best for each other. I liked the younger guy that Emma dated. In the movie she turned 30 and he’s 22. Obviously, that will never work out. She wants different things and he wants different things. Hence, the predictably of the ending.

OH! and the Timer store was awesome. It reminded me of an Apple store where all the associates are annoyingly happy to be there and super chipper. Scene stealers hahah.

Overall, I give it a 8 out 10. I really wanna see what happens to Emma and her soul mate. Nowwwwwwwwww.


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